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Ridgehaven Farms
Come pet & feed
our clean and friendly farm animals in a peaceful environment.
Hike our trails and see pristine creeks, streams waterfall and caves. Enjoy special night-time  bonfire parties or relax by the creek.

Hand Feed and Bottle Feed Lambs

Hand Feed and Bottle Feed Animals

We have a menagerie of animals who would love to meet and entertain you. They include horses, donkeys,chickens, Australian Shepherds, a Great Pyrenees, sheep and of course lambs!


Mon - Fri

By Appointment



By Appointment


By Appointment

Australian Shepherd Pups


We recently had 2 litters born. We have 4 puppies now available after February 1st and 6 more around March 1st.

 A Day on the Farm 

A Day on the Farm

Tour the Farm-see the horses, sheep and chickens (including Elvis the Rooster),  see caves, an amazing suspension bridge, Music & Farm to Fork Dinner by the campfire (with some items cooked over the fire) Top it off with a historical cemetery tour! All under the beautiful, star filled, pollution-free skies of Linden, Tennessee.


Meet Lilybelle

Lilybelle is our oldest ewe and was raised on a bottle. She is the head of the flock and every night she leads them to the barnyard. She is always ready to greet visitors especially if they have treats!

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